Nathaniel Alexander Capaccio

A Different Type of Rendering

Hi, I am Nathaniel Alexander, and I set out to elevate the experience of an architectural visualization. To do that, I looked at the entire rendering process and refined it program by program. Layer by Layer. Pixel by pixel. And I developed great new process that eliminates render time while creating an image with greater flexibility. This means your image will always be up to date on your design changes. The result is that your rendering not only stands out from the competition, but it puts more creative control in your hands. 
Over the past five years, I have developed a unique new visualization process that is no match to the competition. All of my work is created digitally, but less than 10% is rendered using animation software. Computer animated renderings often fail to inspire and lack flexibility. That is why all of my work is “handmade” digitally in the worlds most advanced photo editing software using a style that I have created, Digital Collage. Using this method, every drawing is 100% custom made for your project, and can be manipulated at any time. Spending additional time and money on render changes will soon be a problem of the past.
You have worked hard on your design, why lose it in a render? I dedicate myself to researching, drawing, and detailing every visualization to create an award-winning, one-of-a-kind rendering that your clients will love.


Digital Collage

Digital collage puts more control in your hands. One of the greatest advantages of Digital Collage is simply every drawing is customized to fit the concept of your project, while creating a story your clients will love. With Digital Collage, I give you the freedom to do the things you love most. Any design, material, or lighting changes you make to the project are simply updated (For free, of course) and will be back in your hands within 24 hours or less. 
 Most rendering firms will charge extra for edits, or not do them at all. Not me! I have developed a system that solves this problem in a fast and beautiful manner that saves you money.
below is a short time-lapse video on how my images are created using the method of Digital Collage

Details make the experience. These details make it brilliant.



It’s the details.
The entourage.
The complete experience. 


It’s the fact that you can now show how people will interact with your design before it is built. That you can change materials without losing quality or having to re-render. And that in return, your clients will understand your project like never before.
A detailed visualization allows for anyone to visualize and understand the scope of your project. It gets the public talking. It gets the community interested.
You are not hiring a rendering firm, you are hiring a digital artist that specializes in architectural visualizations. I guarantee my work will bring your project to the next level!


A Proven Winner

How just one visualization helped a kickstarter campaign raise $20,000 for a children’s art school.


“Architecture for Humanity-Denver had been working tirelessly on the design of an outdoor education space for a local neighborhood. We produced a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build the project and were fortunate to have Nathaniel produce a compelling rendering for the fundraiser. His visualization was a critical part of communicating our design ideas to the public and largely helped us meet our financial goal to make the project a reality for the community.”
-Katie D: Architecture for Humanity, Denver